Microfiber Towels


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“All Towels are NOT Created Equal”

The microfibre towel is the #1 Tool of the detailing trade.

There is plenty of misinformation concerning percentage of content for what is the correct towel.

Different towels have different uses. If you choose the wrong towel you can easily scratch the paint & ruin the paint’s finish.

It took almost 3 years of testing, under every condition, to determine what percentage of content (70/30), what consistent source of supply (properly labeled) & what thread count to be the perfect tool for Chadwick’s Xtreme application & results. Micro’s also have a varying range of price, expensive is not always better. Chadwick’s 70/30 micro’s absorbs the encapsulated and softened dirt deep into the fibres so they will not scratch. Our micros also have enough “bite” to completely wipe off and buff Chadwick’s Xtreme to a showroom shine without streaking or damage.

Chadwick’s micros are washable and reusable… Cold water with any low suds laundry detergent is all you need… Dry at very LOW temperature… Do NOT use any fabric softener of any kind or the towels will lose their ability to absorb.

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