Boynton Beach
Auto Detailing Services

Boynton Beach, FL is a laid-back coastal city in Palm Beach County. Residents count themselves lucky to have put down roots in this picturesque location. The city of Boynton Beach is known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear ocean waters, but many of the people who call this slice of paradise home are also avid automotive enthusiasts. People in Boynton who love their cars and want to take care of them know just how important it is to have an experienced detailer who can bring out the full aesthetic potential of their beloved vehicles. When it comes to vehicle detailing in Boynton Beach, Exquisite Details is at the top of the industry. Our reputation extends even beyond the city limits, but members of Boynton’s car community come back to us again and again for a quality automotive detailing they won’t find anywhere else.

Car Detailing
Boynton Beach

If your ride is in need of a thorough cleaning, Exquisite Details is proud to provide the best auto detailing Boynton Beach has to offer. Our vehicle detailing services include everything from exterior to interior, and we don’t overlook a single detail. We service the entire vehicle using the best equipment and cleaning products on the market. A full detailing service from Exquisite Details includes paint decontamination wash, iron deposit removal, clay bar, paint sealant and polish, hydrophobic window treatments, tire and wheel cleaning, full interior cleaning and disinfecting, leather conditioning, steering wheel cleaning, and carpet and floor mat vacuuming. We also have add-on services available in case your vehicle needs a little more care. Our available add-on services include headlight restoration, cloth seat shampooing, floorboard carpet shampooing, and engine bay steam cleanings. Your vehicle will look even better than it did fresh off the showroom floor after a detailing service from Exquisite Details, the best vehicle detailer in Boynton Beach.

Ceramic Coating
Boynton Beach

Praised by the car community as one of the best paint protection methods available, ceramic coating is a service that Exquisite Details proudly specializes in. If you’re looking for ceramic coating in Boynton Beach, Exquisite Details offers two ceramic coating packages. Both packages come with a full detailing service as well as paint correction. Our Ceramic Coating Xtreme Service involves Chadwick’s Xtreme Ceramic Coating applied by hand to the paint surface, headlight surfaces, window surfaces, wheel surfaces, and wheel barrels. The Ceramic Coating Ultimate Service is the same process, applied by hand, for 5+ year 10hr ceramic coating. Prices for our services vary by vehicle, so contact us today to get a quote on the best vehicle detailing Boynton Beach has to offer.

Note :

The services included may vary depending on the make, model, and age of the car, as well as the center’s own service offerings.