Exquisite Full Service
Auto Detailing

Starting at $225

– Paint Decontamination Wash
– Iron Deposit Removal
– Clay Bar
– Paint Sealant & Polish 
– Hydrophobic Window Treatment
– Clean Door & Trunk Jams
– Wheels & Tires Decontamination & Iron Deposit Removal
– Ceramic Infused Semi-Gloss Tire Dressing
– Interior Cleaning & Disinfection
– Leather Conditioning
– Steering Wheel Decontamination & Disinfection Treatment
– Vacuum & Disinfect Carpets & Mats
Approximately a 4-6 hour job depending on vehicle size
Starting at $225 **
** Headlight Restoration Service Available – Additional $100 Service 
** Cloth Seat Shampoo Service Available – Additional $150 Service 
** Floorboard Carpet Shampoo Service with Seat Removal Available – Additional $100 Service
** Steam Clean Engine Bays -Additional $100 Service
 * Prices are estimated, please call for exact price based on vehicle condition and other factors.


Starting at $500

– Exquisite Full Service Detail PLUS
– Multi Stage Paint Compound & Polishing Service to remove fine scratches and level imperfections in the surface of the paint, including improper wash scratches, wipe down marks, bird droppings, surface stains, oxidation and buffer holograms and swirls. 
– Final Sealing & Polishing of freshly leveled and corrected surface
This service takes anywhere from 6 hours upwards to 20 hours depending on the severity of damage to the vehicles paint/clear surface.
Pricing Starts at $500 depending on vehicle size and required correction work.
 * Prices are estimated, please call for exact price based on vehicle condition and other factors.

Vehicle Detailing vs. Paint Correction

Which One Is Right For You?

Full-Service Detailing

The simple description of an auto detailing service is that it’s a very thorough car wash. A full vehicle detailing typically involves not just simply washing the exterior and vacuuming the interior, but also often includes a vehicle wax, clay bar treatment, tire cleaning, leather conditioning, and more. Exquisite Details also offers additional services such as headlight restoration, seat cleaning and carpet shampooing, and engine bay steam cleaning that can be added onto your service. Getting your car detailed is great for maintaining the vehicle’s condition whenever you need a really good cleaning, as well as potentially raising the resale value because you’ve kept your vehicle well-maintained.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction is worthwhile if your vehicle’s paint has minor surface blemishes or imperfections. While it won’t fix chips in the paint that would require repainting, it can vastly improve the look of your vehicle’s exterior. Swirl correction, buffing out those swirls in the paint that you typically see when a vehicle has been through a traditional car wash repeatedly, can make your car look fresh off the showroom floor. Minor scratches and scuffs can also be correction by this service, so well in fact that you’ll never even know they were there. Paint correction is also a necessary precursor to ceramic coating, so if you’re thinking about getting your vehicle ceramic coated, this is a service you’ll want to ask about first.

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Are Car Detailing And
Paint Correction Worth It?

If you love your car and want it to turn heads wherever you go, then a full-service detailing will certainly do the trick. However, if your vehicle’s paint is riddled with swirls and other bothersome imperfections, adding paint correction is the way to go. Generally, if you speak to any car enthusiast who’s had paint correction done, you won’t find anyone who regrets the service. The vibrance and luster that will be restored to your vehicle’s exterior is unmatched by any generic car washing service. When it comes to your car’s aesthetic, no one takes better care of your beloved vehicle than Exquisite Details. 

Can I Detail My Car And
Get The Paint Corrected?

Basically, yes! Exquisite Details’ Paint correcting service includes a full-service detailing service because the auto detailer cannot correct the paint if the vehicle is not cleaned thoroughly first since any dust or dirt on the vehicle can cause further damage to the paint. A full detailing service is included with paint correction because the two services actually need to be done one after the other in order to achieve the desired result. Firstly, the car must be cleaned until spotless so the true state of your vehicle’s paint can be assessed, then the paint correction process can begin.

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